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Who we are

Acting Upward is a growing community of actors, filmmakers, creators and educators of all experience levels coming together to give & gain valuable experience through collaborative projects and knowledge sharing.

⚠️ Please note: We’re new and currently in beta. Aspects of our site and organization are subject to change and membership is being limited as we adapt to our member’s needs and feedback. We’re also growing fast and looking for a whole bunch of people.
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So, hi. This is the first Acting Upward update. You can tell because I put it in the title. But

Acting Upward is:

  • 🔥 A community of collaborators.
  • 🔥 Acting-oriented meet-up groups.
  • 🔥 An informal acting school.
  • 🔥 A content creation facilitator.
  • 🔥 An upcoming podcast.
  • 🔥 An educational blog.
  • 🔥 FREE — Not-for-profit

🔥 Not just for actors.

We also help screenwriters, musicians & composers, artists, photographers, models, performers of all kinds, and anyone else interested in collaborating on and contributing to acting-oriented projects & productions.

What we do

We help actors & filmmakers (and anyone in complementary fields) improve their craft and gain valuable experience through collaboration and educational opportunities.

Opportunities for actors include… 

Improv ⭐️ Acting classes ⭐ Acting challenges ⭐️ Audition practice ⭐️ On camera critiques ⭐ Headshots & photo guidance ⭐️ Solo + one on one + group activities…

Plus project collaborations with (and providing opportunities for):

Photographers ⭐ Models ⭐ Make-up artists ⭐ Stylists ⭐ Writers ⭐ Videographers ⭐ Directors ⭐ Acting coaches ⭐ and others, too.

Who work together on projects like:

⭐️ Short film productions ⭐ Actor reels creations ⭐ and more.

Acting Upward also provides: 

  • ↕️ Actor & artist interviews — leading to:
  • ↕️ Social media exposure — leading to:
  • ↕️ Networking opportunities
  • ↕️ Personal projects promotion
  • ↕️ First-look & participation in internal projects

Got headshots?

Make sure your photos are saying what you want them to. Get feedback from a panel of professionals. And give your feedback to others asking for it.

Where we do it

We provide both online and physical location opportunities & experiences. Our online community is global. Our first physical meet-up group is based in Los Angeles.

⚠️ We will be hosting a free on-location acting class in Los Angeles with acting teacher & celebrity acting coach, Winnie Hiller, in the futureso stay tuned!

Additional meet-up groups (localized Acting Upward chapters) will be expanding to other cities based on interest. If you would like to expedite the process or be a chapter organizer, be sure to add your voice in the forums.

Collaborative projects are mainly done in-person, but some collaborations may allow for remote participation (ie. screenwriting, music composition…). Additionally, actor reels & headshots critiques & feedback, acting classes, and more can and will be provided via our online community whenever possible.

Everything we do is designed to help actors & creators improve their craft and provide a rewarding experience.

Want more details? See the FAQ or ask your question in the forums.

Sound good?

Become a founding member and ⭐ join us ⭐ in building something great.

Still not sure if you fit in here? See: Is Acting Upward for you? 


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