Tell me about the acting meet-up groups.

As the Acting Upward community grows, we will eventually attract enough people to schedule local meet-ups (potentially regularly). Each meet-up will have a different purpose depending on who is organizing it.

The first meet-up will take place in Los Angeles — because that’s where I’m based. In fact, we’re an Acting Class meet-up with Acting Coach, Winnie Hiller is in the works. It will be for Acting Upward members — and it will be free.

Other meet-ups will happen when other local Acting Upward chapters are formed.

These meet-ups will not only provide an opportunity to connect with other actors and other creative types (writers, directors, sound engineers, photographers), but it will allow us to create informal (or possibly formal) group acting sessions.

Sessions will potentially involve:

  • Acting exercises
  • Improv
  • On camera critiques
  • “What I’ve learned” sharing
  • “My experience this week”
  • Whatever else people feel is of value

It’s group sharing, group teaching, group learning — and a social experience.

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