The elephants in the room…

Elephant 1 🐘

One elephant in the room is that the founder Acting Upward (me) is an actor headshots photographer and my business has the potential to benefit from my association with Acting Upward. And that’s true.

That said, I am not here to sell anything to anyone or push my services on anyone. In fact, I offer my headshots services & guidance to the Acting Upward community for free whenever applicable & mutually beneficial.

If you visit ZeroDean.Photography, my philosophy of explicitly not pushing my services on people should be very apparent. The words on my site are not new. They have represented my business philosophy for over a decade.

Also keep in mind that Acting Upward is [to be] a global community, not just a local one and there will be far more photographers involved than just me.

Elephant 2 🐘 🐘

I am building a community that I currently have only a narrow/limited experience with.

While my confidence in my vision and abilities are high, my experience shooting and assembling actors reels, for example, is non-existent at this time. But I have high standards and I’m a fast learner. So I won’t lack experience for long.

And, for what it’s worth, my lack of experience in creating this kind of content is what led me to found Acting Upward in the first place. So one exists because of the other. It’s a good thing.

How much do you think Elon Musk knew about electric cars or rocket science before founding Tesla and Space X. Sometimes it’s not what you know, it’s what you see. And I see Acting Upward as an amazing community of global collaborators.

*And no, I’m not comparing myself to Elon Musk. For one thing, he cries more than I do. Ok, that’s probably not true, but I haven’t been keeping track of Elon Musk’s crying (should I be?). Also, I’m writing this while dealing with a head cold (can you tell?).

I was a humorist in another life.


To read more about where I’m coming from, see the about page.


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