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Is Acting Upward for you?

Do you feel you have something helpful to offer with regard to the process of creating short films or helping actors hone their craft? … then yes.

Are you passionate? Driven? Reliable? Do you play well with others? … then yes.

Would you like to be part of a creative team where you are able to work on your craft and learn from others… then yes.

Would you like to work on certain aspects of your acting — comedy, drama, being vulnerable — and are open to feedback and multiple perspectives… then yes.

Would you like to gain more experience writing for actors or being an active part of creating scenes… then yes.

Do you like teaching, sharing what you know, and helping others… then yes.

Do you love brainstorming, sharing ideas, and being a part of creative projects… then yes.

Do you want to network with people working in the film industry (or who are trying hard to work in the film industry)?

Do you like speaking? Do you want to share your experiences and what you’ve learned for the benefit (and/or entertainment) of others? …then yes.

Do you have the knowledge about something, but lack the experience that Acting Upward collaborations can provide? …then yes.

Or do you simply want to create content for your acting reel? Then yes. That works, too (but you must still play well with others).

If you answered yes…