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Support Acting Upward

Volunteering & contributions

If you have skills, services, or resources that you would like to contribute to our cause, we are more than happy to discuss them with you.

What are “resources”?

  • Shooting locations (property, housing, office space, rooftop access…)
  • Equipment (video, audio, lighting, etc)
  • Props (items, cool vehicles…)
  • Wardrobe

Donations (added by request)

We’re totally free, but things like this take time, money and resources.

If you believe in projects like Acting Upward and would like to show your financial support, you’re welcome to make a donation.

No transaction fees

  • VenmoRecipient: @ZeroDean
  • Square Cash (app required to register) — Recipient: $ZeroDean

Paypal/Amazon/Google take 2.9{6327e9ae7882d7e6c5b98c6b9154809be30ddf8febea2bc545112226591ad3e1} + $0.30 per transaction

  • Paypal: Desktop/Mobile app. Recipient: zerodean @ G M A I L
    • (no fees if you choose “friends & family”)
  • Google Wallet: Desktop/Mobile app. Recipient: zerodean @ G M A I L
  • Amazon Payments: Desktop/Mobile app. Recipient: zerodean @ G M A I L

Beyond donations…

If you’re interested in supporting Acting Upward, but would also like a physical product to show for it, you can purchase one of the AU branded items (t-shirts, stickers, mugs, tote bags, etc) for sale on Redbubble. If there’s enough interest, I may eventually put some effort into creating some interesting limited-edition AU designs. The existing one simply a result of me having created the logo.

Please note: Only 33{6327e9ae7882d7e6c5b98c6b9154809be30ddf8febea2bc545112226591ad3e1} of your purchase price comes back to Acting Upward. The rest goes to Redbubble. But you’ll also be helping to market AU wherever you go — so it’s a win-win.